The European eel is a fish of significant ecological importance. In recent decades, this species has undergone a dramatic decline throughout its range. The European Eel is a unique indicator of the environmental health and integrity of our oceans, estuaries and fresh waters, and its recent decline is seen as a serious environmental matter. In response to the decline in eel populations European Council Regulation 1100/2007 “Establishing measures for the recovery of the stock of European eel” has now been adopted in member states.

an urgent best effort approach is needed now to maximise use of available glass eel and elver resources to save this species and restore its fisheries

Shannon eels (25)

Fishing for glass eels using a tela net

The European Eel Consultancy is a business unit of ECOFACT, Ireland’s leading independent ecological consultancy. Our main website is www.ecofact.ie and we have a page regarding eel management at the following link: European Eel Research.

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