Elvers running at Ennistymon Falls, June 2016.

Elvers running at Ennistymon Falls during early June 2016. This is a difficult obstacle for #eels. There is a salmon pass in the middle of the falls and during low flows all the water is diverted through here. Eels cannot use this long denil pass – there is no elver pass. The elvers are very stressed and there is an outbreak of Ichthyophthirius. Most of these elvers will die.

Elvers just run around Inland Fisheries Ireland’s eel recruitment “index” trap here. The entrance to the trap is underwater with a covering board ensuring most elvers can’t find it.

Elvers are just running around Inland Fisheries Ireland’s “index” elver trap here. The problem is that the entrance is located underwater underneath a covering board. Elvers are just passing the entrance and trying to climb the falls. It is just as well however, as the holding tank and bag that IFI have provided here is ridiculously small. If the elvers could find the entrance to this trap then this bag would fill up very quickly and the elvers would die. It is sad that nothing seems to have been learnt by IFI after the Maige and Erne elver kills. The trap is not working right anyway and it is disappointing that the small details are never picked up on by IFI.

We need an accurate elver monitoring programme in Ireland. We also should not be letting elvers die at sites like this – they should be trapped effectively.